Transforming a Legacy Offline Paper-based Loyalty Program to Paperless Mobile Loyalty Program

When it comes to hospitality business customer loyalty plays a major role in customer retention, implementing an ecofriendly program adds value to the property which is popular for its award winning environmentally sensitive hotels.

Our clients was in look out for an end to end mobile based loyalty program for its environment friendly eco sensitive hotels and connected with our team to explore our system.

Pain Points Identified and Challenges Faced by any hospitality business when running an offline loyalty program!

  • Offline Loyalty Program: Our client was in practice of running an offline loyalty program which was managed by a central team who used to collate data from various properties (hotels). The information was saved in spread sheets and was shared to the program managers who then used to coordinate with different properties to manage the customer’s transaction information and issue vouchers. It was becoming difficult for the hotel staffs to manage the data in real time as they did not have centralized system to synchronize all data that they gathered.
  • Use of Physical Forms: Have you ever put yourself in your customer’s shoes and thought of filling those forms? Isn’t it irritating? Well, this irritation will often result in partial or incorrect data and that leads to incomplete profile. Nobody likes to fill any form patiently especially when they are on holiday or on any business tour. This was one of their major concerns because most of their data were inappropriate. Such data were of no use for records.
  • Manual Calculation of Rewards Points: They used to calculate overall rewards points manually using MS spreadsheets. Vouchers are been printed after crediting points from their records. Now can you imagine how about 40 hotels following the same process? The hardest part comes while consolidating data into one spreadsheet.
  • Printed Vouchers: After calculating the rewards points manually, they used to deliver printed vouchers to members through courier. Which usually ended with ignorance, misplaced and lost or maybe sometimes voucher gets expired before members even get any chance to redeem those points.
  • Redemption: Members used to utilize these vouchers against their next bill settlements at any of their participating hotels PMS Systems having WINHMS PMS Software. Redemption was only to happen if the member had a hard copy of printed voucher. There was no information present about members at their multiple business locations. Which leads to confusion, duplication of vouchers and even in some cases their members did not receive any voucher at the time of their next arrival to the hotel.
  • Voucher Inventory: Being environmentally sensitive hotel you would never like to spend money on inventories such as designed voucher cards, printers, folders to maintain records and other office stationeries.
  • Difficulty in Report Generation: There were a lot of challenges being faced in generating a report on balance points and usage of vouchers. This mainly happens when you are not able to track members redeemed points, as printed vouchers were delivered to members most of them were not redeemed due to various issues such as voucher being lost, not being delivered due to inappropriate address. And most of the cases, it was hard to calculate redeemed rewards points from various locations in real time.

How L1.Loyalty transform this opportunity?

L1.Loyalty program design team carefully studied the current setup and documented the behaviors of the loyalty program these behaviors where then integrated in L1.Loyalty Engine making the complete process paperless and online.

  • Mobile based fully integrated digital loyalty program (Rewards & Redemption): L1.Loyalty software provides a fully automated LMS integrated with WINHMS (Winsar Infosoft Hotel Management Software) PMS (Property Management Software). All customer’s details are synchronized at one place; this helps you to get access to data from any location or hotels PMS systems on real time. Members get Email and SMS alert on voucher details. They can access their vouchers and get it redeemed from the mobile app and microsite.Let us brief more on features that we offer in L1.Loyalty
  • Unique Features of L1.Loyalty Solution:
    • Customer registration made simple and it gives access to all through the microsite, mobile, desktop app so that customers can enroll in a loyalty program in every possible source.
    • Customers can enroll, redeem points, rewards points enquiry and eVoucher redemption from microsite as well as the mobile app.
    • Option to create eVoucher batch and issue it to the members and send it to members Email ID, to which can be accessed through microsite as well as the mobile app.
  • Option to create multiple loyalty rules based on different criteria such as geographic, demographic, transaction amount, product discount based, product based and Quantity
  • Option to create customer groups manually based on criteria such as gender, age group, marital status, profession, income range, nationality and customer grade.
  • L1.Loyalty can be integrated with any POS, PMS, ERP, CRM systems.
  • Email and SMS alerts on each and every earnings or redemption by the customer
  • Email, SMS promotions and push, Geo-Notification through the mobile app can be created and intimated.
  • User-friendly content management system (CMS) with Admin access, you can change banner images, mobile app home screens, program logo, eVoucher Images.

Option to generate custom reports as per your requirements such as customer enrollment report, loyalty program summary report, reward summary report, purchase report and customer visit report for your analytics.

  • Access for customers to view their transactions, redemptions, eVouchers details such as used, active and issued. Members can also Gift eVouchers to a member and also can donate eVouchers to a non-member. This helps to create the brand awareness among member’s community.
  • Facility for customers to provide the feedback through various channels like SMS, Whatsapp, Email and call back option. In this way, customers can take their time to give honest feedback in their feasible time.
  • User friendly mobile App for members

How the Client benefitted from our Loyalty Program?

  • Centralized customer information made all properties access customer data in real-time and most accurate.
  • All transactional information and demographical data of customer is now available on the fingertips of the hotel staff.
  • Best in business mobile app and fully white labelled microsite which is user friendly and simple.
  • Client is now able to run promotions and offers specific to any location or globally across all units.
  • Advanced segmentation and promotions engine which work in sync to deliver the right message to the right member.

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We make your loyalty program simple and hassle free, which keeps your loyal customers delightful and engaged with your business for a long time.


Prashanth Maxim.

CEO & Founder Director of Loyltwo3ks Pvt Limited

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