Sales Incentive Programs
Motivate, Support & Engage

Sales Incentive programs are people driven, motivated and hightly purposeful. Loyltwo3ks can help increase Sales & Revenue through B2B & B2C Sales Incentive Programs that can take your business to the next level.

Sales Incentive program

Higher Engagement,
Higher Sales!

Motivating a sales team through periodic bonuses and cash incentives are not cost-effective and results in skewed distribution of the incentive budgets. Compensation plans and other promises rarely suffice. Therefore, putting in place a structured & systematic Sales Incentive Program is imperative in driving your sales teams and sales partners to deliver beyond their capacity. Stretch their performance to achieve your business and organization targets, beyond monetary aspects to include desired behaviors.

Higher Engagement, Higher Sales

A Sales Incentive Program that Delivers

Incentive programs for sales teams are closely tied into individual goals and driven by metrics. Yet generally, they are often designed as a ‘one size fits all’ program that doesn’t truly satisfy individual needs. Incentives end up being overcompensated and often under-utilised. Coming away from this mould are our successful sales incentive programs built to get maximum response with minimum expense, segmented according to industries and verticals.



All in one comprehensive platform supporting all actions.


Wide selection of loyalty and incentives customised to motivate and aspire.


Key insights and reports into sales performance and engagement levels.


Well designed, easy-to-use and interactive mobile apps.