Offers a 360° perspective to your loyalty program. It can be customized and designed for customer acquisition, finer engagement, scalability and sustainable growth.

Build your Loyalty Program on L1.Loyalty Framework !

Simple. Smart. Seamless.

L1.Loyalty is a highly customizable, intelligent and scalable cloud-based loyalty platform, conceptualized and built with experiences aggregated over several decades on L1 Framework ! Our platform simplifies loyalty programs for your business across industries and currently runs across several geographies of the world.

Tried, tested, trusted and future-proof, L1.Loyalty is built upon the values that define us - uncompromising quality, absolute integrity and superior professionalism. Its various elements and components come together seamlessly to make it comprehensive and convenient.

It’s 360* architecture covers the entire gamut of applications, communications and intelligence systems to showcase continuous analysis that can help you take critical on-the-go decisions.


Coalition Model Loyalty Architecture - One Platform Multiple Programs

Scalable infrastructure that can be fully customized to different deliverables

Proprietary Rule Engine to configure complex program logic - Our Platform your Program

Advance Segmentation Engine to Create Targeted Customer Group - Slice and Dice Data

Critical Intelligence, AI Analytics and Reporting Systems to consolidate data

Smart compilation of customer behaviour, market trends and critical insights

Platform Deliverables

  • Get 360° insights on consumers - their actions, interactions and behaviours
  • Single unified platform, complete with data, analytics, records and activities
  • Understand your customers, their behaviour and pre-empt their requirements
  • Deliver omni-channel experiences across different digital touchpoints
  • Allow consumers to engage with your brand as per their convenience
  • Increase segmentation and personalisation, based on demographies, personality types and user behaviours
  • Retain existing consumers, access new ones, target personalised messaging across channels based on data
  • Pivot on the go, make decisions quicker, actions smarter with behavioural & transactional data right at your fingertips