Value Driven Influencer Loyalty Program

Influencer Loyalty Programs help reach out and engage audiences across business territories, which traditional programs cannot engage. Our Customised Programs make engagement with Influencers easy and dynamic.

Influencer Loyalty Programs

Build Trust and Reward
your Influencers

Trade Influencers are a key asset to your business. By sharing personal recommendations to end-consumers or simply buying your product on their behalf, they lend to business partnerships in personal, yet unique and mutually beneficial ways.

Unlike other loyalty programs, Influencer Loyalty Programs are nuanced,
need to have the right fit and need constant nurturing. A productive influencer partnership begins with activation but continues to retention requiring
constant effort.

Reward your Influencers

Loyltwo3ks Influencer Loyalty Program

Influencer loyalty stems from partners who feel aligned to your core brand and value the association. Motivated and engaged influencer are the crux of a channel distribution network that become spokespersons for your brand over other competitors. Loyltywo3ks Influencer Loyalty Programs are built upon constantly motivating and incentivising influencer with transactional and emotional incentives, and building profitable long-term relationships

An influencer loyalty program's purpose is to foster enduring partnerships between a brand and influencers. It aims to nurture consistent endorsements, enhance brand loyalty, and amplify engagement. By offering tailored rewards, recognition, and exclusive benefits, the program ensures influencers remain committed to promoting the brand. This sustained collaboration expands brand reach, builds trust, and generates mutual value

Influencer Engagement

Encourage influencers to consistently promote the brand, fostering a steady stream of positive endorsements

Incentivize your Influencers

Build stronger, long-lasting relationships with influencers, enhancing their loyalty to the brand

influencer loyalty software

Motivate influencers to engage more deeply with the brand's content and campaigns

customised rewards

Multiply brand reach by leveraging a network of loyal influencers to access new audiences

Influencer engagement

Cultivate genuine endorsements that resonate with influencers' followers, fostering trust

Influencer insights

Create a win-win scenario, where both the brand and influencers gain value from the collaboration


Continuous Engagement

Help your company identify, onboard and engage with your Trade Influencers continuously.

Effective incentivisation

Incentivize your Trade Influencers to push your products to potential buyers in the target market.

Increase Market Share

Help maximise your sales and gradually grow market share through tried and tested influencer loyalty software.

Engage Long Term

Offer customised programs, relationship-based loyalty, and sales training for you to establish long-term relationships with influencers.

Engage across Mediums

Continuously engage with them through various touchpoints such as mobile apps, web, SMS, whatsapp and phone.

Analyse and Act

Gather deeper insights into Influencers program behavior, enable deeper engagement and incremental sell-through to end customers.