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Customer Loyalty & Redemption Program

Loyal customers are better convinced than their peers about buying from you. Retain your best customers through an engaging customer loyalty and redemption program built on an intuitive customised platform tailored for your business. Why spend more on getting new customers, when you can retain them & grow your business?

Rewarding loyalty customer

Deliver Value to
Your Customers

The best brand loyalists are customers. They have bought from you, they vouch for your products or services, they stand by your business. Turn your regular customers into cherished valuable brand advocates with a loyalty program that is engaging, rewarding and goes beyond a transactional relationship to one where satisfaction turns into repeat sales.

Rewarding loyalty customer

Loyltwo3ks Customer Loyalty Programs

Flexible, rewarding and data driven, Loyltwo3ks personalised Customer Loyalty Program is a carefully constructed engagement strategy built across a proprietary platform that keeps customers regularly engaged with your brand, ensuring continuous growth for your business. Built on a modular structure, across different tiers, Loyltywo3ks is one of India's top customer loyalty programs where customers move up the loyalty ladder as they continue engaging with the company and being loyal to it.

Program Design

Successful customer loyalty programs are a wonderfully engaging way to ensure continuous business, build brand value and reward the customer for standing by what you do. As one of India's leading loyalty management company, we tailor a mix of strategy, technology, rewards and incentives that match the costumer's needs keeping them loyal to your brand and business. We build efficient measurements within the program to offer you daily analysis of behaviours, buying recency and frequency, monetary contributions and other patterns. This data will help you monitor your program efficiently and help improve reward strategies on the go!

Loyalty gifts

Customized Loyalty Programs

A customer loyalty program that fits into your business goals and overall strategy.

Value Driven

Transparent, quality and value driven model where customers view both points earned as well as benefits gained real-time.

Customized Platform

Highly stable & customisable cloud-based platform, with integration ready API's for two way communication & data sync.

Irresistible Loyalty

Design irresistible loyalty packages through our dashboards and apps.

Map Against Business Objectives

Define and track business objectives on the go, resulting in revenue growth with customer retention and minimal spends.

Deep Engagement

Create deeper engagement with your customers driving improved brand loyalty and long-term value.