Rewards & Redemptions

to Suit any Type of Program

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Rewards & Redemptions
Loyalty program management

Program Reward

At Loyltwo3ks we believe that the 'Moment of Truth' for any loyalty program members, is when their points are redeemed for the gift of their choice. We provide comprehensive loyalty management which includes loyalty strategy & planning, sourcing, catalogue building, easy redemption options, end-to-end fulfilment and customer support services. Our Redemption Managers work with client stakeholders in determining the right mix of products in the catalog. Be it gift merchandise, e-gift vouchers, bank or wallet transfers, dream gift wish list, donations to charity or customised gifting, we curate a catalogue most suited to the program.

Dynamic Reward

Our expertise is unmatched:

  • Current, relevant yet dynamic catalogue
  • Real-time customization
  • Catalog relevance building – based on redemption behaviours
  • Catalogue components as per client requirements
  • Client Success Managers
  • Redemption, Dispatch and Delivery Confirmation communication modes (Push, Email, Call & Whats App)
  • Real-time Tracking of Redemption Management and Points Inventory
Rewards management
Dynamic catalogue


Deliveries per month

Loyalty customization


Delivery achieved within the TAT

Loyalty insights


Inventory Model

Delivery Hubs


Delivery Hubs in India

Global loyalty


Presently covering India, UAE, Africa, Asia, USA & Europe

Redemption Analysis & Reporting

Deep dive into member behaviour to provide periodic reports on Cost of Redemption, Delivery TAT, Earn-to-Redemption ratio & its growth, Preferred Loyalty, Dream Loyalty

Grow program value proposition & long term success plan using member redemption behavior & preferences

Rewards campaign

Redemption Campaign &

Create segmentation based on demography & behavioral classification, targeting customer for campaigns and promotions based on past & current redemption pattern

Design redemption campaigns that include; Dream loyalty campaigns for high value customers, member activation for dormant lists, promotion of branded products as loyalty over other redemption options

Types of Redemptions and Loyalty

Bank transfer
Bank transfer
Wallet transfer
Wallet transfer
Merchandise /Souvenir
Merchandise /Souvenir
Credit notes
Credit notes
Donate to charity
Donate to charity
Customized Loyalty
Customized Loyalty
Third party reward management
Third party reward management

Redemption Analysis & Reporting Loyltywo3ks Differentiators

Sourcing & Catalog Management - Offering tailored sourcing & tracking management services with multiple service providers.

Pan-India Distribution Network - Customised online loyalty program that allows continuous tracking and in-depth analysis vis reports, measuring the impact of customer loyalty on sales. Critical parameters include program engagement, repeat buys, purchase frequency, app and social media engagement and more.

Multibrand tie-ups - Commercial tie-ups with 100+ Indian & global brands.

Multiple Loyalty Options - Over a 100+ choice of reward options from products to services.

Competitive Pricing (Redeemable Points & Cash) - Build a comprehensive loyalty programs with a wide variety of unbeatable loyalty choices, from our network of vendors with quick fulfilment and instant gratification.

Multi-platform & Multilingual Customer Support - Create personalized engagement & manage customer promotions with multilingual support. Build enduring loyalty campaigns with our end-to-end loyalty software and redemption services.

Exclusive Offers - Avail exclusive brand specific offers from our longterm vendor partners tailored for your campaign.