Faster Marketing across Channels with a Value Driven

Multi-Brand Loyalty Program

Multi-Brand programs offer a bouquet of rewards & incentives amplified many times more than a single-brand loyalty program. They expand customer networks, lower investment costs, minimise risks and improve customer experiences.

Mulit-Brand loyalty program

Multi-Brand Programs add
Multiple value

Loyalty programs have a direct impact on keeping customers loyal, engaged and connected to a brand. However, conventional single brand loyalty program models do not offer competitive benefits when compared to a Multi-Brand and multi-category business environment.

Multi-Brand Loyalty Program models bring together distributed earning & redemption opportunities across brands to sustain business and program objectives of all participating entities, i.e. merchants and brands. Loyalty are built around frequency of shopping and engagement, and provide combined value proposition to the participating members.

When structured smartly, Multi-Brand Programs are also extremely cost-effective, with benefits of cost savings being passed on to members as benefits or incremental loyalty.

Loyltwo3ks Multi-Brand Loyalty Programs

Loyltwo3ks designed Multi-Brand Loyalty Programs bring together the best of a varied set of loyalty programs on a single platform. By involving a multitude of brands, customers have wider choices of instant earning and redeeming options. Whether it is earning points at grocery stores, airlines or when transacting at fuel stations, this Multi-Brand loyalty program in India opens up a world of opportunities for the customer with objective to drive ROI for participating brands. Our programs are built upon a proprietary platform that brings together mutiple brands in loyalty, integrated with existing programs and customised to the customer segment you wish to target.

Secure and Custom-Build Platform

Built on a flexible, secure propriety platform that is intuitive, data driven and provides deep insights to tailor promotions.

Multi-Channel Integration

Integrated with all kinds of communication platforms to reach customers wherever they are.

Map Customer Behaviour

Showcases customer behaviour across various products.

Influence Customers

Multi-Brand Loyalty Programs have the potential to alter customer buying habits, when smartly custom-built to fit customer preferences.

Builds Brand Loyalty

Helps customers build reward points quickly, and builds cross
brand loyalty.

Promotes Purchasing

Helps in promoting short and long term purchase cycles.

Cost Effective

Very cost effective because of the shared risk and increased customer retention possibilities.