Lockdown? Social Distancing? This shouldn’t stop you from doing business!

Identify and engage influencers without physical contact!

One of India’s leading architectural fittings brands identified their trade influencers across India and engaged them for a highly rewarding program. What’s more, the influencers were verified for on-boarding by our team of agents seamlessly over the phone, without the need for the sales team to do a physical verification amid the Covid-19 scare!

Encourage and reward consumption with your key influencers!

One of India’s most respected Engineering & Automotive giant runs a Loyalty Program for Mechanics across India. Our team of agents hand-held and advised these Mechanics over the phone on how to claim reward points via Code Banking through an interactive App. Thus avoiding the need for the ground team of any physical intervention!

Help loyal members with cash when they need it the most!

One of India’s largest plywood companies wanted to help their Influencers during these tough Covid-19 times by converting their Loyalty Points into Cash and paying the cash directly into their bank account and wallets. Our team of agents supported a seamless data verification and payment process and ensured the money reached the right hands in no time, without any manual intervention!

We have done it for them, and we can do it for you!

Without a mention, the Covid-19 has altered ways we do business at least in the near future. The pressure on companies to perform, with social distancing & travel restrictions, is enormous and unprecedented.

The answer? L1.Loyalty offers “Rapid-Connect” – a great back-end response team for organizations to support their business, albeit telephonically, with minimal turn-around. We have banked huge experience and expertise in running top-class contact centers for many of our clients.

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