Let your Super App drive Loyalty !

No matter however good your loyalty program is, there’s always a time (normally, a year or two) when your audience (members) expect changes in what they see for long – something that enhances “value proposition” to evoke their engagement, and alter the way they interact. A new interface with a different look & feel might lead to a brief spurt in usage, but eventually fizzles out due to aging. Replacing “monotonous apps” with dynamic “Super Apps” has an edge in giving users an enticing and enriched experience every time!

What is a “Super App”?

Super Apps are the new-age interactive and immersive apps that push user-experience levels up by several notches, with wide ranging features and dynamic / appealing content. Such an app continuously evolves and expands its horizon by offering wide variety of choices and upgrades in the direction users prefer it. For eg. a fintech digital app provides diverse user-experience through an omni-channel ecosystem – from wallets to bill payments, investments to ticket booking etc., thus making it a ubiquitous one. It also presents a layer that dedicates itself to present various promotions and offers/schemes that customers could benefit from. A food-delivery app, also, provides similar experience.

An example, from loyalty perspective:

A company “XYZ” is running a very successful and progressive loyalty program with ample user-base. The program showed a great momentum during initial days but has been witnessing a decline in active-user curve, of late. Though the program has been well-accepted and renowned, the latest loyalty dashboard reveals prevalence of an unwelcome factor “UI fatigue”. The symptoms can be seen through key KPIs such as:

  • Sporadic engagements
  • Passive interactions
  • Inactive members
  • Poor redemptions
  • Stagnated earnings
  • Lower referrals
  • Decreased queries

The company’s leadership contemplates despite having a proactive program with well thought-out schemes and high brand-recall in place, recent figures are unacceptable thus emphasizing the need to upgrade user apps and sustain program goals. Given a similar situation most loyalty -focused organisations are facing today, what are the options ahead?

Super Apps hold answers to key questions outlined above, by offering seamless new layers of digitally-rich engagement possibilities through:

  • Gamifications
  • Raffles / lotteries
  • Insta-gratification
  • Curated catalog
  • Insta-gratification
  • Branded cash
  • Dynamic bonus rules
  • In-app ordering
  • Surveys & quizzes
  • Forum & opinions
  • Training & assessment
  • Chatbot & quick-help
  • Referrals & much more…

Super App is certainly the way forward, and perfectly complements reward objectives with its unified ecosystem. It entails a very high degree of interoperability of various technology components seamlessly to beat, rather than just meet, user expectations.

We understand its importance and impact inside out. For more details, talk to us soon!


Anand Gururaja

Business Head

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A seasoned management professional with over two decades of enriched experience, having worked in various capacities including Software License Sales (Enterprise Solutions & Services), sales operations, capturing new markets and conceptualizing solutions. Adept in go-to-market strategies, pricing dynamics, managing alliances and client relationship, he currently heads Global Sales at Loyltwo3ks with a passion to drive change constructively and collaboratively to ensure everyone wins.

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