Story of ProClub – the innovative Loyalty Program that improved sales and retained influencers

When the query of creating something that can work productively for retaining customers or influencers in business or brand comes to the surface, L1.Loyalty pitches in at the right time with the right solution. Here is one such instance where experience and expertise helped L1.Loyalty implement one of the most successful reward programs till date.

Why influencers matter for brands and businesses

Your brand or business should reach out to more and more customers through recommendations or lip servicing. Facilitating this growth by acting as a perfect catalyst is what influencers do, and this is why they matter the most.

Plywoods of all kinds, laminates, and veneers of embellishing designs are available with the client. This probes Contractors, interior designers, architects, and carpenters to purchase more from their shop. These individuals who can influence potential customers and align purchase behavior towards various brands define the term- influencer.

The client came to L1. Loyalty seeking for perfect influencer marketing strategy. The rest is history, one of the most rated and recommended B2B channel loyalty program that role model for many brands was being realized.

How to make influencers loyal to the business or brands?

Apart from maintaining quality and cutting costs, the so-called influencers need something extra to stay forever loyal with brands. We need a system so well organized to attract influencers. Simultaneously, it should motivate them to suggest respective brands to more and more customers.

Here, L1.Loyalty pitched in with the perfect solution

Understanding nature of business or brand and psychology of influencers is the first step. Our creative minds from L1.Loyalty came up with a solution that awards loyalty points to carpenters and contractors for every purchase they make with client. The idea was impeccable, so was the software which is well structured, flawless, adored by influencers, sales and statistics alike.

Here are some features of this top reward program designed by us, that made it unique as well as extremely appealing to its users.

There are four easy and interesting ways to enroll in the program.

  • First and foremost is through contactor app- ProClub Program, which is supported on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Secondly, by connecting with the contact center with a missed call.
  • Users can register using ProClub website.
  • Last but not the least, client’s staffs, ASM ( Area Service Manager ), sales executives can carry out registration for influencers on their behalf through an internal mobile application known as SE app.
  • SE app this exclusive android mobile app for ProClub employees enables them to reach out and address all kind of customer queries on spot with full-fledged facilities.
  • The ProClub website is ranking well due to its user-friendly design and easy registration procedure. The mobile app is compatible with Android as well as iOS platforms and are available in Playstore and iTunes store.

Tip: high-end products carry more reward points.

Loyalty points can be redeemed to procure a wide variety of gift products showcased in redemption catalog ranging from USB chargers to four-wheelers. The list got everything you desire for- household items, electronic gadgets like LED Tv, home theatres, mobile phones and a lot more.

Easy Loyalty Points Redemption – Point redemption is exciting as well as easy.
  • Loyalty points earned can be burned using contractor app.
  • Users can call to contact center and redeem their points.
  • The website is always open to earn as well as burn points.
  • Staff, as well as a sales executive, can directly redeem loyalty points on customer behalf.
  • Redemption Planner– Using this option, user can view the total number of loyalty points banked. Along with this, it also provides an estimate of average points that has to be earned per month to redeem the desired product.
  • Tier-based customer categorization– based on rewards points collected, customers will be categorized into various tiers ranging from bronze to platinum. Customers in higher tiers can earn bonus points as they purchase.
  • Unparalleled customer support is offered by Loyltwo3ks team– A very effective and dedicated team at the contact center that conveys information in Hindi and English is available to answer all queries related to customer Loyalty programs.
  • Reliable technical support – A well experienced and qualified team to monitor and address all kinds of technical concerns from clients is working full-fledged.
  • The interactive dashboard allows client’s team to track on-going operation details like the number of enrollments, transactions, total points banked and other relevant statistics.
  • ProClub CRM portal provides full-fledged information including real-time monitoring of all customer involvement processes in the program. Analytics and reports, customer segmentation, member history, and lifetime activity management and many more in-depth data are available in this highly specialized cloud-based portal.

If the act is rewarding, all times are valid to begin the task.

Register now and avail exciting gifts awaiting here. Be that loyal, role-model influencer and enjoy the cool shopping experience with ProClub program from L1.Loyalty.

We are all set with resources and technology to devise the perfect customer loyalty program for your business that could reward and retain your valuable customers.

Making customers loyal to your business or brand with state-of-art software is what we do and we perform it with passion and perfection in all dimensions.

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Prashanth Maxim.

CEO & Founder Director of Loyltwo3ks Pvt Limited.

20+ years in implementing enterprise business solutions globally for different industry verticals, from business analysis to business improvement an experienced entrepreneur with a record of success, an eye for market needs, and an ability to bring teams together, from technical developers to sales.

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