Trade & Influencer Loyalty Program

Wavin Vectus

Wavin, based in Netherlands, is one of the world’s largest sanitary and water management companies and manufactures and distributes some of the best pipes and fittings for the plumbing, water supply and sanitary industry. Wavin joined hands with Vectus – one of India largest tanks and plumbing pipe fittings brand in 2021 and provides effective solutions for essential needs of daily life: safe distribution of drinking water; sustainable management of rainwater and drain water; energy-efficient heating and cooling for buildings.


    Wavin Vectus wanted to broad base their marketing and sales strategies and reach out to Pan-India customers. They chose to reward their ‘Influencers’ – typically plumbers, contractors and civil engineers who recommended Wavin Vectus to their end customers, by inviting them to join a loyalty program, wherein every influencer becomes a winner. Wavin Vectus field sales teams did a great job onboarding genuine influencers and they were awarded points for every purchase they made of sanitary and water pipes and fittings.


    Design a loyalty program that rewards influencers accurately, across different product categories and enable them to redeem their rewards for cash/gifts. Influencers also were enriched with best-in-class knowledge on plumbing and sanitary tech and products via the Learn & Earn module.


    Loyltwo3ks (LWS) provided a holistic loyalty solution wherein dealers/retailers were part of the system to approve the point claims made by influencers. LWS contact centre teams evaluated the claims by checking and approving every invoice raised and claimed by influencers. A slew of validation processes driven by LWS’s intelligent algorithms helped in authenticating and rewarding genuine claims!


    The Wavin Vectus Loyalty program was designed in such a way, that the sales teams and the dealer/retailer channels worked in tandem to make the program a great success. Sales teams were given apps to review and monitor their territory performance. They enrolled new influencers via the app, verified their claims, helped them redeem cash and gifts and supported the entire program for its success. LWS program management and contact Centre teams work closely with the client and other stakeholders in growing, monitoring, course-correcting and guiding the program towards success.


    • 50,000+ Influencer members and growing
    • Thousands of claims processed per day
    • Millions of points awarded till now
    • Thousands of cash payments and gift redeemed till now
    • Over 5,000 instances of Learn & Earn engagements via videos/PDF and download of data
    • Marked increase in sales due to the program impact

    The Wavin Vectus venture has started to make a dent in the market share of other large, medium and smaller plumbing and sanitary pipe brands across India. This loyalty program is poised to contribute to the growth of Wavin Vectus products across categories/markets and take them toward leadership position in the next 2-3 years.