Incentive Loyalty Program


Essilor is a world leader in prescription lenses, Essilor uses decades of experience and innovation to bring the best lenses for your glasses. With a motto - “Your vision is our mission”. Essilor corrects, protects and prevents risks to the eye health of more than one billion people world-wide every day. Essilor was formed in 1972 with the amalgamation of two French companies Essel and Silor.


    • Essilor Middle East wanted to reward its retail partner’s employees for taking up and delivering on higher sales targets
    • Rewarding employees based on their selling of specific products was a challenge
    • Recognizing and keeping the count of sales orders and maintaining incentive details of each employee was a major challenge as there was a huge employee database and capturing each member data as to how they were rewarded was a challenge

    • Design a unique promotion-based incentive loyalty program for which employees will earn “Credits” (Cash points) every time they sell a product as part of an ongoing promotion
    • Employees should be able to register for free, choose between personal (1 user per account) and shared account (1 account per store)
    • Claiming their rewards should be very easy
    • Employee should be able to convert e-gift into digital vouchers that are redeemable at 150+ Brands including shopping malls, Fashion, Entertainment, Electronics, Spas, Restaurants, Online Shopping and much more

    • Employees can easily register themselves by using the micro site and mobile app
    • Country admin can easily verify the profile details of employee who registers themselves online
    • Multiple promotions can be created based on different criteria like transaction amount, product discount based, product based, quantity, behavior based, product percentage and unit of measure
    • Employee can login from micro site, mobile app and can view their point balance, redeem catalogue, claim e-gift request
    • Just declare the product in the dedicated page, take a picture of the authenticity card of the product they claim for, and press “send”!
    • Country admin can verify the sales details submitted by employees to approve or reject the e-Gift requests
    • Option to run multiple promotions simultaneously

    The Essilor incentive Loyalty program was designed in such a way, that the Essilor employees’ channels worked in tandem to make the program a great success. Sales teams were given apps to review and monitor their territory performance. They enrolled new influencers via the App, verified their claims, helped them redeem cash and gifts and supported the entire Incentive loyalty program for its success. LWS program management and contact centre teams work closely with the client and other stakeholders in growing, monitoring, course-correcting, and guiding the program towards success.


    • Operations in 7 countries
    • 5000+ Employeesin the program
    • 5 million plus points awarded till now
    • 4 million plus points Rredeemed till now
    • 86% active members

    The my Essilor rewards program has made a significant dent in the market share of other eye care brands across Middle East. This incentive loyalty program is poised to contribute to the growth of Essilor continuously and keep Essilor on top of mind of customers, and rewarding the channel partners suitably.