Smart Ordering & Rewards App for Retail Partners

Think Linc Retailer Loyalty Program

Founded in the year 1976, Linc Ltd has been in the fore-front of selling writing instruments. They are leaders in gel and ball pens in the country. From launching Linc Supreme, the first ever plastic ballpoint pen in 1978, to setting up its first manufacturing unit in Serakole near Kolkata in 1986, Linc continues to grow bigger and deliver better.


    Linc has thousands of retailers across India and they wanted to automate the process of ordering the writing instruments, allowing ordering at the tip of their fingers. The challenge was to develop an app with an intelligent ordering interface, along with engagement mechanisms for higher involvement and stickiness. Linc also wanted to reward the ordering performance and loyalty of retailers by way of rewards, redeemable on their future order.


    • A robust ordering retailer loyalty app that can provide market analysis based information to retailers for smart ordering.
    • Door-step delivery of Linc Products – avoid the traditional distributor visiting retailer or retailer visiting distribution point for replenishment of products
    • Strategies for higher engagement and involvement
    • Rewards catalogue consisting of Linc products, redeemable using points on future purchase
    • Build an retailer loyalty app for sales executives where they can monitor retailer orders and enable distributors to door-deliver the same
    • All this leading to higher and more consistent ordering by the retailers and continued loyalty to the Linc pens brand

    • Design and development of a Smart Ordering Loyalty App for Retailers-helps Retailers to order based on market analysis, allowing intelligent ordering
    • Play & Win Games – series of Games for higher involvement and to win Points
    • Lucky Draw Raffle ticket – buy Raffle ticket using points and enter a Lucky Draw - you can win Jackpot Points
    • You can also use the points to buy Linc Products for your retail store, saving money in the process

    The ‘Think Linc’ retailer loyalty program was designed in such a way, that the sales teams of Linc monitored the ordering patterns and enabled quick doorstep deliveries by distributors. Loyltwo3ks (LWS) worked in tandem to monitor day to day transactions, checking gaming and raffle participation, creation of relevant gamification content and benefits and make the program a great success. LWS program management teams work closely with the client and other stakeholders in growing, monitoring, course-correcting, and guiding the retailer loyalty program towards success.


    • Piloted in select states – West Bengal, Orissa, AP and later extended to Mumbai and Western India
    • Covering >20000 Retailers
    • >75% participation in the ordering process
    • Over 10 million points awarded till now
    • Over 5 million points redeemed till now
    • Marked sustainable sales growth in almost all markets
    • South India and North India roll out in 2023

    The Think Linc retailer loyalty program is a very important sales enhancement strategy in the armory of Linc Pens. This retailer loyalty program’s success has made Linc Pens to adopt similar strategies in newer markets within India and expand the program’s scope. Think Linc program, no doubt is going to make a big impact on the growth of Linc Pens across the country.