Your Loyalty Initiative is

Programmed for

Special Loyalty Program Design customised end-to-end for your requirements.

Program Readiness and Evaluation
Loyalty program design and development

Program Readiness

At Loyltwo3ks, we deliberate with clients and understand their business issues before embarking on their program design. We conduct a series of discovery and deep-dive sessions to carefully assess requirements, including gaps, if any, and then prepare detailed Business Requirement Document (BRD) or Program Design Document (PDD) in coordination with major stakeholders of clients. This helps in understanding program objectives, customer journey, aspirations of members and their expectations that help us formulate a clear program blueprint. Once PDD is reviewed and approved (signed) by our clients, the same shall go into production (development), testing and ultimately “launch” on the predetermined date.

Based on your Customer Research

We take learnings and insights from research conducted by clients to match ‘preferences’ and ‘desires’ from a customer’s perspective of brand vis-à-vis competition. This also gives us ground reality of business processes, and actual experiences of sales / marketing personnel in their interactions with customers / channel partners. The input or feedback thus received shall be translated into a program objective with thoughtfulness to provide a solution that meets or beats such expectations. The outcome of this is measured in terms of Net Promoters Score that could be continuously evaluated for further optimisation.

Developing Your Program Framework

Loyltwo3ks designing of the final program concept, strategy, and structure entails but is not limited to the below steps.


L1. Framework

Enrolment, earning, loyalty and redemption, partnerships, benefits, launch and exit strategy and member servicing.

Customer value Proposition

Customer value Proposition

Including various reward and benefits models, management, and process flow

Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer Engagement Strategy

Technology requirements, assessing customer experience, communications and CLV (Customer Lifecycle Value), program strategy, and marketing plan

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Target achievables, ROI, and commercial model

Loyalty Structure


Finalising data and loyalty ecosystem requirements

Program Blueprint

Together with the approved strategy and data points, Loyltwo3ks develops the Program BluePrint with details on implementation and program launch.

Loyalty program blue-print