Influencer Loyalty Program

Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax is America’s favorite car care brand for 75 years and is the No. 1 selling brand in spray wax, car wash, compounds, headlight restoration and many other innovative products. With product distribution in more than 120 countries, the Turtle Wax brand resonates around the globe.

Turtle Wax has introduced the ‘#ShinewithTurtleWax ‘ – a loyalty program designed exclusively for car detailers in India. An ode to their eye for superior detailing and pushing the boundaries for car care.


    Turtle Wax, though a leader in the car care segment in India, has tough competition from many other brands offering similar products / services. They needed a well-designed loyalty program for their car detailers, who are their influencers and reward them for promoting Turtle Wax products


    Design a loyalty program that rewards influencers for purchasing and using Turtle Wax products on their clients’ cars. Earn points across different product types and categories, enable them to redeem their rewards for exciting gifts and Turtle Wax merchandise / products.


    Loyltwo3ks (LWS) designed the‘#ShinewithTurtleWax’ program to recognise car detailers and reward them appropriately for their continued patronage of Turtle Wax products. For every Turtle Wax product you buy, you will be rewarded with Shine Points, which you can exchange for your favourite gift products, brand vouchers or Turtle Wax products.


    The ‘#ShinewithTurtleWax’ program was designed in such a way, that their sales teams and the LWS teams worked in tandem to make the program a great success. Sales teams were given apps to review and monitor their market performance. They can enroll new influencers via the App, verified their claims, helped them redeem gifts / TW products and supported the entire program for its success. LWS program management and contact centre teams work closely with the client and other stakeholders in growing, monitoring, course-correcting and guiding the program towards success.


    • 5000+ Influencer members and growing
    • Thousands of claims processed everyday
    • Over 5 lacs worth of points awarded till now
    • Hundreds of gifts redeemed till now
    • Marked increase in consumption of Turtle Wax products with car detailers

    The ‘#ShinewithTurtleWax’ program has increased the Turtle Wax product consumption by car detailers and end customers. This loyalty program is poised to contribute to the growth of Turtle Wax products across categories/markets and make Turtle Wax the most preferred car care brand in India.