Successful Dealer Rewards Programs

Motivated and engaged dealers are the crux of a channel distribution network. Digital rewards programs tailor-made for them are easier to engage because of their ease of use and accessibility.

Motivate, Reward, Measure
in real time

Distributor or Dealer rewards programs require a well detailed out program structure which is in keeping with the needs and objectives of the dealer/ distributor network. A productive sales incentive program for distributors is one that is motivating, measurable, rewarding, tailored to their needs, with customised incentives and benefits that increases their orders processing and sell-out.

Loyltwo3ks Dealer Rewards Programs

Dealer rewards stems from partners who feel aligned to your core brand and value the association. Motivated and engaged dealers are the crux of a channel distribution network that become spokespersons for your brand over other competitors. Loyltywo3ks Dealer Rewards Programs are built upon constantly motivating and incentivising dealers with transactional and emotional incentives, and building profitable long-term relationships.


Continuous Engagement

Built for a long-standing, data-driven, dealer and distributor engagement.

Choice of Rewards

Providing transactional, physical and emotional rewards from a wide variety of categories.

Constantly Customised

Customised to keep them motivated, engaged and data driven - provides key analytics and insights to continuously iterate incentive strategies.