Empower your Rewards Program with

Data Intelligence &

Rewards Program Analytics with detailed insights, understanding & reports to design your customised rewards program.

Data Platform

Understanding customer behaviour and their persona, is at the core of our customer engagement strategy and rewards program design. Using a combination of customer data analysis and insights, we help brands deliver a relevant and result oriented rewards program. Our customised rewards program is segmented for different customer demographics and their niches.

Our powerful rewards customer analytics brings together customer interactions, transactions and behavioral analysis across various online and offline touchpoints including POS, emails, CRM, social media, web (including E-commerce).

Customer Segmentation & Grouping

Customer segmentation based on rewards helps in enriching programs by breaking them down into different groups. These have distinct qualities built around gender, geographies, purchase history, spending habits and other critical behaviours.

Understanding customers makes their targeting more precise. It helps us create niche rewards programs that not only drives engagement, but promotes up-sell and cross-sell by delivering omni-channel relevancy.

Rewards Program
Performance Tracking

Rewards program analysis helps in achieving brand objectives. These may be increased sales, customer retention and even brand reputation. By optimising program deliverables, we can work with your team and assess the possible ROI for your program and make necessary interventions in its application.

Loyltwo3ks - L.1 framework provides real-time measure of sales, and incremental growth based upon well defined KPIs. It helps in constantly measuring gains against costs, attributed to establish & track program performance.

Business Insights

With customer rewards and retention being one of the key metrics of any rewards program, ensuring their continued patronage of your business is a key priority. Whether it is B2B or B2C, Loyltywo3ks rewards programs are designed to constantly provide business analysis, insights with integrated CRM platforms, for realtime updation of customer information and communication. With this information, we are able to tailor products and services, gather intelligent data points and delight customers with gifts and rewards that are best suited to their needs.