India’s largest Carpenter Rewards Program


Century Ply is a manufacturer & exporter of plywood and veneers. Their main target audience of influencers include carpenters and contractors who interact and work with architects and interior designers. They also work directly with customers in designing interiors, furniture and other products.


    There are quite a few competitor brands in the ply and veneer industry and they offer products that vary in quality, pricing and other parameters. Century wanted to garner a bigger market share in select markets across India, and the best option was to reward influencers for choosing Century Ply for their projects. With carpenters being key influencers for customer purchase decisions, research showed that a carefully designed rewards program can make carpenters loyal to Century Ply Brands, helping them earn gifts, vouchers and dream products every time they buy.


    Design a rewards program that promised carpenters exciting offers and products, which could be tailored to be redeemed against their rewards points


    Carpenters can download the Century Pro App, earn points by scanning QR codes placed on the product purchased on behalf of their clients/ customers. Points can be redeemed for a choice of rewards including interesting products, e-vouchers and dream gifts.


    Loyltywo3ks designed a rewards program that integrates with the client’s Sales ERP. This features a front-end Mobile APP for Influencers, sales team and an integrated Merchant Panel backend console for the admin


    45000 and growing


    • The brand observed a marked difference in sales growth in all markets introduced to the rewards program.
    • Firstly, there was higher average sales per influencer. Secondly, satisfied members referred more friends to the program, thus increasing the member count to 45000 plus in 2 years since inception.
    • Carpenters continue to be loyal to Century Ply and generate higher value.
    • CenturyPro Club has become one of India’s most successfully managed B2B rewards program