Engage, Encourage & Reward
your value chain !

The B2B segment has a customer pool which comes with greater influence and reach. The segment works best with personalised customer engagement strategies and unique value propositions, pertaining to individual needs. Loyltywo3ks design uniquely tailored B2B Loyalty Programs with a clearly defined strategy built on a scalable, intelligent platform. Get 360° insights on consumers - their activities, interactions, actions, and customise the loyalty and recognitions to their behaviours.

Customer loyalty programs enrich such relationships considering that B2B engagements morph into:

  • Large pool of influncers leading to end consumers
  • Greater opportunities for direct referrals
  • Greater brand awareness
  • New cross-sell/upsell opportunities

Channel Loyalty Program

Loyalty & incentive based B2B & B2C Loyalty Programs keep channel partners continuously engaged, interested & energised to sell your products and support your business.

Dealer Loyalty Program

Digital Loyalty Programs are easier to engage with dealers and distributors because of their ease of use and accessibility

Influencer Loyalty Program

Customer Influencer Loyalty Programs help reach out and engage audiences among micro pockets, which traditional programs cannot engage. Our customised programs make engagement with influencers easy and dynamic.

Sales Incentive Program

Sales Incentive Programs are people driven, motivatIonal and hightly purposeful. Loyltwo3ks can help increase Sales & Revenue through B2B & B2C Sales Incentive Programs that can take your business to the next level

We are trusted by

CenturyProClub - Influencer Loyalty Program

  • Over 40,000 active influencers in the program
  • Differential reward points for each SKU
  • Super 1:1 value per point to INR
  • Exciting Tier bonus across Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Redemption of points for gifts from a custom/curated catalog
  • Convert reward points to gift vouchers
  • Decide on your 'Dream Gift' and achieve the same
  • Lifetime validity for points, no expiry date

Wavin Vectus - Trade & Influencer Loyalty Program

  • 50,000+ Influencer members and growing
  • Numerous claims/redemption requests processed everyday
  • Millions of points awarded since program launch
  • Thousands of cashback transactions till date
  • Over 5,000 instances of Learn & Earn engagements through loyalty program apps
  • Marked increase in sales due to the program impact