Cloud-based Unified

Digital Rewards Engagement Solutions

for B2B, B2C & B2B2C

Assess insights, data and knowledge to create your best cloud based customised rewards program.

Cloud Based Rewards
Software Solution
hosted on MS Azure

Loyltwo3ks proprietary technology platform L.1 is hosted on Microsoft Azure, to provide scalability, security and end-to-end customised services. Companies that seek a dynamic B2C or B2B rewards management platform can access everything at one place. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services packs in a whole host of cloud applications and communication options into the cloud based B2B rewards management platform.

As our client, you can be assured of a platform that is versatile, resilient, scalable and complementing your business’s tech infrastructure. Your overall business will benefit from a streamlined deployment of services and enhanced platform management.

Real Time Integration

Loyltwo3ks cloud based rewards platform is intuitive, intelligent and directly tied into different rewards programs. It processes transactions, collates data real-time while constantly updating customer status, points and information for all kinds of interactions across the entire transaction system.

While integrating all kinds of transactional, behavioural, historical, geographical. social and master data, the platform also provides customised, real-time connectivity to systems, databases, business processes, cloud services, and consumer applications.

Rewards Program

The L.1 cloud based rewards program’s well designed and custom fit rewards program targets and retains valuable customer segments, while being cost-effective and self-selective.

Our Rewards Programs

Deliver value at every customer touchpoint, while being cost-effective

Accelerate the rewards life cycle, making
first-time customers behave like long-term partner

Are aligned to and propel the overall
rewards-management strategy forward

Are tailor-made to fit customer’s needs with rewards satisfying their requirements

Are segmented using legacy data and monitoring continuous user behaviour

Leverage segmented data and tailor products based on value propositions

Modules & Interfaces

Every feature your company needs to create and market a program is built into the L.1 cloud based rewards management platform including: Multi-tier Programs, Customer-led Segmentation, Multiple Rewards Schemes, Reward Points Management, Targeting and Offer Management, Customer-facing APIs, Mobile APPs, Microsites and other technological integrations.

Our existing flexible, scalable cloud based rewards platform, is designed with your needs and requirements in mind. You will have access to special insights, nuanced data and segmentation information that cannot be accessed elsewhere but which will give you unique customer behavioural perspectives.

Omni Channel
Communication Capabilities

Staying in touch with customers all the time, everywhere, albeit unobtrusively is the capability of an intuitive, well integrated cloud based customer rewards platform. L.1 allows you to connect with your customers at every touchpoint of their participation, through a variety of online and offline communication channels.

Create individual or mass messages (E-mail/SMS/POS/mobile app/website), and segment these according to your chosen criteria such as age/ gender/ time of day/ work. Members are informed of their current points status, program tier status, rewards on offer, new products & promotions to make well planned decisions.

Data Analysis &
Decision Making

Understanding customers is knowing their deeper behavioural patterns, and predicting their future interactions. Insightful data such as this is what the L.1 cloud based rewards software platform provides to our customers. The platform leverages analytical tools, to integrate data visualization and predictive modeling. What this translates into is helping businesses make intelligent decisions, take the most appropriate action, save unnecessary spends and achieve competitive advantage in the market.